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Travel Incentive Benefits & Solutions

Our Incentive travel programs are recognized as the preferred cost-effective and proven motivation tool for companies.

Incentive travel programs renowned for increasing sales, motivating sales forces and improving employee productivity, can be a great benefit to your company. Employees are recognized as part of a select group of individuals who have outperformed their peers for the ultimate outward expression of prestige and recognition. At EMI Worldwide, we offer non-monetary incentives for employees in the form of travel as a proven method for your company to increase your sales year after year.

EMI Worldwide brings 150 years’ combined experience in designing and operating hundreds of incentive travel programs that retain valuable employees for varies industries.

Our Incentive Travel Programs Allows Your Organization To:

  • Recruit of Qualified Employees
  • Reward Employee Outstanding Performance
  • Reduce Workmen’s Compensation Rates

In fact, if you can measure performance of any kind we can design an incentive travel program that will achieve your goals.

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Our Incentive Travel Experience

Our Highly skilled incentive program consultants will help you decide which incentive travel program option is best for your company based on your goals and objectives. They will present to you the most creative, productive programs to maximize participant performance, within your budget parameters. Based on your needs and objectives we offer both group travel and individual incentive travel options. The group travel incentive option is our Worry-Free option where we do all of the planning and logistics.

For clients who have internal staff that plans their group travel program, EMI Worldwide offers Menu of Travel Services as a way to cost effectively improve their productivity. They use our services to provide specific support such as site selection and hotel contract negotiations. To see a comprehensive list of all of the services checkout our Menu Of services.

Client Testimonial


Paris welcomed us with open arms. After EMI Worldwide got in touch with us last year, we decided to use an travel incentive program. EMI Worldwide worked closely with us from selecting good hotel locations to landing the best flights. Our goal with this trip was to make the sales team feel like a local yet enjoy touring popular sites in Paris, mission accomplished. All of our sales team where blown away by the trip to Paris and they were treated very well the entire time.

We took group tours around the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. We also had some retail therapy walking along the Avenue des Champs Elysees – it was a sight to see, especially with quite a few high end cars parked around. And we enjoyed a guided group tour at the Louvre Museum. The great thing about working with EMI Worldwide is that not only did our team really get motivated to go to Paris for the first time, but our sales grew significantly too.

I highly recommend EMI Worldwide for they extensive knowledge in travel and personalized service that provided us with an amazing travel experience.

Motivating Salesforce & Sales Channel Partners to Increase Sales

EMI Worldwide are experts in creating sales incentive travel programs that will motivate up to 90% of your sales force. Our non-monetary travel solution works because it was created based on the proven 10/80/10 salesforce rule.10% of sales people contribute the majority of company sales and profits – What motivates them to exceed their goal is to challenge them to earn a unique group travel program where they, and their significant other, will be recognized by senior management and their peers, at least once a year.

  • 10% of sales people contribute the majority of company sales and profits – What motivates them to exceed their goal is to challenge them to earn a unique group travel program where they, and their significant other, will be recognized by senior management and their peers, at least once a year.
  • 80% of sales people should be able to sell more but don’t – psychologists tells us, that most sales people sell enough to reach their personal comfort level. They sell enough to earn what they need to pay their bills, have some discretionary income to live their personal lifestyle and keep their job. Compensation alone will not motivate them to increase sales. What does motivate them is being able to have more free time to travel with their family.
  • 10% of sales people are non-performers – they negatively impact sales, and cost your company money since they are replaced frequently by new sales people who must now be trained.

Our Unique features:

  • Provide a Turn-key Customizable marketing brochure for you to send to your sales force to promote your incentive program.
  • Based on more than 150 years of combined experience we will design a program that will pay for itself out of the increased sales generated by our program.
  • Our incentive travel awards have broad appeal including vacation, sports and entertainment travel, sports and theatre tickets, and even airline tickets.
  • Specially trained EMI Worldwide Concierge Agents deliver white glove service to your award winners. Each of our Incentive Staff has over 12 years of travel experience.

If you would like one of our incentive consultants, to contact you to explain in greater detail how EMI Worldwide can help you accomplish your sales goals, just complete the contact form above or Call Us at 215-923-2462. We will contact you within 1 business days.

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Benefits of Using EMI Worldwide Incentive Travel Programs

We create highly motivating business incentive programs that reward your sales team, improve employee performance and increase sales.

  • Increasing Sales
  • Improving Pproductivity
  • Improve Product Mix and Profitability
  • Product Spiffs
  • Improving Customer Service / Satisfaction
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Reducing Company Employee Turnover
  • New Hire Employee Benefit
  • Improving Safety / Reducing Accidents
  • Implementing New Systems
  • Improving Teamwork
  • Recognition Employee Trips
  • Product or Service Certification Programs
  • Increasing Employee Innovation
  • Perk Travel Points for Employee Suggestions

Interested in learning more about how EMI Worldwide can help you achieve your company goals. Call us at 215-923-2462. With over 150 years’ combined experience assisting clients increase their sales we can recommend the best incentive program that is guaranteed to increase your sales. In just a few minutes we will be able to answer your questions and let you know how we can help you achieve your goals.

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