Incentive Travel Companies

Incentive Travel Companies
Incentive travel companies offer businesses the unique opportunity to motivate their sales force to increase sales and productivity. If your company is looking at ways to potentially increase sales without hiring on new employees, consider that EMI Worldwide is one of the most trusted incentive travel companies in the world.
Motivating your sales force is perhaps one of the most difficult things to accomplish. EMI Worldwide takes advantage of the 10/80/10 salesforce rule to maximize your company’s potential to increase sales. This rule is based on the following facts:
- It may surprise you to learn that 10% of your sales people contribute the majority of company sales and profits. As incredible as this sounds, it true. What motivates this 10% to even further exceed their personal goal is to offer them a unique group travel program where they and their significant other will be recognized by their company peers and senior management on an annual basis.
- It may further surprise you to learn that a full 80% of your sales people should be able to sell more than they currently are, but don’t. The vast majority - 80%- of sales people sell just enough to reach their personal comfort level, to earn what they have to in order to pay their bills and live their lifestyles. They work just hard enough to keep their jobs. Compensation then, is not sufficient to motivate them to increase their sales goals. The motivation to have more free time to travel with their families does motivate them.
- It is a hard realization that 10% of sales people are simply non-performers, and worse- they usurp company resources since they must be replaced often, forcing your company to train new people. (Past performance checks can reduce this percentage, but there will always be those among this number.)
EMI Worldwide is one of the best Incentive Travel Companies you could work with. Their Sales Incentive Process will increase the sales performance of up to 90% of your sales force. Your top sales performers typically exceed the group travel sales goal and increase their sales by more than 15%. The greatest increase in sales however, will come from your middle level performers- those 80%- who self-select their own personalized travel award, increasing their sales from 22% to more than 59% over their base performance level.
The greatest incremental sales and profit increase will be generated by the middle-level sales people who previously had no self-motivation to work harder. Most importantly, the goals for your next program will be based on the increased sales generated by your last program.
Hiring incentive travel companies provides superior results. Incentive travel motivates increased performance across the entire 10/80/10 spectrum of your salesforce. For every dollar spent in travel incentives, businesses benefit from an average of $12.50 in increased revenue and $2.80 in new profits.
Find out more about how your company can benefit by hiring one of the leading Incentive Travel companies. Call EMI Worldwide today at 215-923-4262 or visit online at
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Incentive Travel Companies Incentive Travel Companies Incentive Travel Companies
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